Motorbike Accidents

Motorbike Accidents

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There are numerous parties who have a responsibility in law to protect motorcyclists on our roads. When this protection is missing or flawed, accidents can occur, with motorbike accident injuries having potentially devastating consequences for both victims and their families.

At Cian O'Carroll Solicitors, we fight to achieve the best outcome for your motorbike accident claim. With an understanding of the issues affecting you and your family due to a motorcycle accident, we know what positive action to take to make a difference to your case.  

As a personal injury litigation specialist, Cian O’Carroll has represented motorcyclists and the families of motorcyclists in many of the most serious fatal and non-fatal motorcycle injury cases in recent years in Tipperary and the Southeast of Ireland.

  • Handling Motorcycle Accident Claims With Expertise And Sensitivity

Cian O'Carroll Solicitors can advise and help you if you have been injured as a result of a motorbike, scooter or moped accident and wish to make a claim for compensation.

The most recent Road Safety Authority (RSA) statistics shwo that in 2009, 1 in 9 of all road deaths in Ireland were motorcyclists. The total number of motorcyclists killed on Irish roads that year was 27.

The Southeast of Ireland accounted for 19% of all motorcycle deaths over the last decade and while the road fatality statistics are improving each year, the fact remains that the overwhelming majority (54%) of all motorbike fatalities and serious injuries involve males aged between 25 and 45

This age group of males are more likely to have children, have established and skilled jobs and be the main household earner. For this reason, the financial loss to the injured party and their families can be quite substantial. At Cian O'Carroll Solicitors, we work hard to establish the nature and extent of your injuries, process your case and build the evidence that will be needed later to support your claim for compensation.

Whether it is the property damage to your vehicle, the medical expenses for your treatment, loss of earnings to date and into the future or the compensation for the personal injuries that you have suffered, we check every detail and are thorough so that you can rest assured that the best possible outcome will be achieved.

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