Medical Negligence* - An Introduction

Cian O’Carroll Solicitors is recognised among legal peers as a leading provider of specialised medical negligence legal service. 

We act exclusively for injured persons.

Medical negligence practice, sometimes called clinical negligence, requires a level of scientific and medical knowledge if the solicitor is to be able to understand and interpret a client's medical treatment. While we are lawyers, not doctors, we work hard to understand what the medical issues are so that we can ask the right questions of those medical experts we rely upon for opinions.

The solicitors of the medical negligence team at Cian O'Carroll Solicitors bring together a range of skills and experience including studies in science and anatomy, experience as a regulatory solicitor for one of Ireland's medical professions and of course our experience of successfully fighting complex cases against various healthcare providers in Ireland, public and private over many years.

What We Do:

We begin by asking you all about the care you received and what you think may have gone wrong, regardless of whether any error was made in your care. You were the one who experienced the care and so your account of what happened is important.

We will gather copies of all medical records that may be relevant to your query. These can take some months to gather but once to hand, we make an electronic copy which you may want to read yourself. We read the records, learn what we can about the surrounding medical issues and then begin to draw up a chronology or timeline of events, marking key medical records as we go, thereby creating a map through the often very large collection of records. This allows us to do the work in-house that many others send out to medical records agencies thereby losing the opportunity to become familiar with your records and the detail of your medical care.

Following this process, and in consultation with you, we identify the appropriate medical expert or experts we will need to furnish and expert opinion on whether the medical care in question fell below and acceptable standard and if so, the nature and extent of the injury that has resulted.

It is only at this point that we can advise you on taking legal proceedings against the medical care provider who has been criticised.

In this sections, there are articles on various aspects of medical negligence or you can use the search box to search our archive of blog posts. 

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