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Our Legal Fees, Made Simple!

At Cian O’Carroll Solicitors, we know from experience that the single greatest cause of worry for clients is the issue of legal fees and costs.

People worry that at the end of their case, they will be presented with a large legal bill that will either be difficult to pay or will significantly reduce their award of damages.

With misleading talk of “no foal no fee” and the lure of “first consultations free” doing little more than fooling people into believing they can go to law with no risk, we believe an honest and simplified approach to legal fees and costs is required. 

Our Clear and Simple Approach to Legal Fees

If you have an injury related case, a road traffic collision, accident at work, medical negligence action or other type of injury case, we will strive to ensure that you pay no fees from your award of damages of settlement monies.

To achieve this, we will do the following:

  • We will explain to you in detail how legal fees will be charged. We will give you this information also in writing and will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our fees during the running of your case.
  • Assuming your case is not settled in the Injuries Board process, we will not charge you any fees for our work from your damages and will accept in full satisfaction of our fees whatever fees we recover from the other side. If we have to make a special arrangement with you on fees because of the particular nature of you case, we will do so by agreement with you and will set that out in writing for your peace of mind.
  • Where money is required during the case to pay for medical reports, court stamp duties or other similar outlays, you will provide these monies but will be reimbursed those monies in addition to and separate to your award of compensation following the conclusion of the case subject to any sums that are not recovered from the unsuccessful party on the other side. Usually however Cian O'Carroll Solicitors is able to recover for you most if not all of these outlays.
  • In some cases it may be possible for us to arrange insurance for you to protect you from a costs award against you in the event that you lose your case. Such insurance cover is not easily obtained in cases where there is a significant risk – for obvious reasons – but such cover can be put in place in many cases if your particular circumstances merit it. As with a lot of things, it is a matter of balancing risk against cost and that is ultimately a decision for you. 
  • Should you decide to accept an assessment of compensation made by the Injuries Board in your case or decide to accept an “all in” settlement whereby the defendant makes a single offer that includes your compensation and the legal fees and costs of the case, our fees are clearly not being paid by the other side and in these limited circumstances we will confirm to you our fees for the work we have done up to that point in your case in advance of you agreeing to any offer. You will know precisely how much you will be receiving into your hand before you accept or reject any offer of settlement.
  • At the successful conclusion of your case, when we have agreed the costs of the case with the other side, we will send you a copy of the final agreed legal fees and costs so that you will see precisely what all the lawyers and witnesses in your team have been paid for the work done on your behalf. Assuming that we have been able to recover the costs from the other side that you paid during the course of the action, there will be refunded to you at this stage and the matter is then concluded with complete transparency and in most cases without any fees being paid by you or coming from your award of damages/compensation.
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