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When contacted by you, Cian O'Carroll Solicitors will:

  1. Take you contact details by phone.
  2. Advise you on the latest developments in the DePuy Hip Implant Recall.
  3. Send you forms of consent to sign which will enable us to take up a copy of your medical records from your hospital.
  4. Examine your medical records to see precisely which DePuy implant components were used in your surgery and advise you of the findings and what this means in terms of the recall and the international medical research now available.
  5. Answer your questions on what the Depuy Hip Implant Recall means for you and whether you are entitled to compensation for the additional medical treatments that you will have to undergo over the coming years, any new surgery you may require, distress, pain and suffering together with the out of pocket expenses that you are likely to incur as a direct result of those treatments.
  6. Work with an independent orthopaedic expert to advise and report on your specific needs. This expert will give us an unvarnished opinion on precisely what the future holds for you and will be entirely independent of DePuym, the HSE or the hospital where your surgery was performed.
  7. Advise you, if it has not been possible to do so up to that point, on the legal options available to you and seek your instructions prior to commencing any proceedings against DePuy.
  8. Discuss with you in detail how the costs of the case will work for you. Remember that in most cases the entire legal costs of such cases will be paid by the other side following the successful conclusion of the case. See Legal Costs.
  9. Keep you informed of progress in your case and be available to you to discuss any issues that are of concern to you throughout the case.

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