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Cian O'Carroll solicitor has acted is several high profile cases in recent years. Where necessary in the interests of his clients, he has worked with and through the media to achieve the most positive outcome or to advocate on behalf of his clients. 

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  • The Brian Rossiter Inquiry
  • Patient 'A' Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Scandal 
  • DePuy Defective Hip Implant Recall


McCarthy v. HSE

A complex case involving an atypical birth related brain injury due to hypoxia in the course of delivery. The case was unusual due to the long period of time that had elapsed - 27 years from birth and the absence of cerebral palsy or other physical injury. Nevertheless, through working with a team of leading experts, we established a strong case and achieved a settlement from the State Claims Agency on behalf of the HSE of 4 million euro.


Gillian O'Sullivan v. DePuy International Limited

Having lead the way with cases against DePuy arising from the disasterous failure of their ASR metal-on-metal hip devices, we were very pleased with the result we helped achieve for our client in this landmark case - the first judgement against DePuy in an Irish court.

Fahey v. Barringtons Hospital, HSE, Paul O'Byrne, Alexander Stafford & Others

Olive Fahey suffered multple misdiagnoses of a breast cancer with 4 seperate errors being made in her case over a 19 month period leading to a delay in her diagnosis and treatment that ultimately resulted in otherwise unnecessary mastectomy, chaemotherapy, decreased survival prognosis and other serious harm. Despite inquiries by State agencies into this seminal case of misdiagnosis, the defendants did not admit liability until the eve of trial. The case is singularly important for the contribution that Mrs Fahey made to the development of much safer and more effective breast cancer services at a limited number of expert "centres of excellence" across the country where women are more likely to achieve a better outcome to their cancer.

WATCH - RTE Six One News interview - Bryan Dobson interviews Cian O'Carroll about the successful outcome of the case.


Brian Rossiter Inquiry

Brian Rossiter was a 14 year old boy who was arrested and unlawfully detained overnight at Clonmel Garda Station on the 10th September 2002. He lost consciousness in the course of that detention due to a fatal head injury and lost his life 3 days later, never having regained consciousness. During the following 6 years, Cian O'Carroll represented Brian's family is a series of legal battles against various arms of the State including a Judicial Review of Cork City Coroner decision to exclude certain medical witnesses from the inquest, a year long statutory inquiry into misconduct by members of An Garda Siochana and a successful civil action against the State for the wrongful death of Brian Rossiter while in custody.

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Patient 'A' Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Scandal

A Tipperary woman who suffered 3 seperate misdiagnoses of breast cancer over a 19 month period suffered serious injury as a result. Arising from the initial actions of her oncologist, 2 seperate inquiries were initiated, one at Barringtons Hospital Limerick and the other at University Hospital Galway. The scandal led to a fitness to practice inquiry at the Medical Council in 2010 while final resolution is still awaited. The case helped bring about the complete restructuring of breast cancer screening and breast cancer treatment in Ireland, and made possible the assurance to women that their screening and treatment will be performed only at centres of excellence where international norms of care are adhered to. 

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